AutoCheck Review

Buying a used car is a purchase potentially fraught with problems: stories of people unwittingly buying ‘lemons’ are not uncommon and can leave the buyer out of pocket, while some vehicles are sold by unscrupulous dealers or individuals as being something they are ultimately discovered not to be. This is why it is highly recommended that, when looking for a used car, you rely on respected dealers, and use a vehicle history checking system to ensure that you are buying what you are told. One of the most popular vehicle history reporting services available is AutoCheck, which claims to provide a comprehensive report on the history of a used vehicle. We took a look at AutoCheck to see if it really does live up to these claims.

What is AutoCheck?

Put simply, AutoCheck is a way of making sure that you know everything you can about the used car you are considering buying before you commit to the transaction. The simple to use online system allows you to get a report that shows the true history of the vehicle in detail: everything from accidents the car has been involved through to the correct mileage, as well as the original title of the vehicle to any water damage or commercial use is reported. The report also tells you if the car you are buying has been branded a ‘lemon’ – meaning it does not comply with express warranties as defined in the relevant state. It is worth noting that different states have different definitions as to what constitutes a lemon. The comprehensive report covers all aspects of the car’s history and is a vital source of information for the buyer. Read enough? Click here to get started…

How Does AutoCheck Work?

AutoCheck is designed to be easy to use and its reports are clearly laid out and simple to understand. The user simply enters the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car – or cars – they are interested in, and the report is generated from this. The VIN is an individual number given to every vehicle that is manufactured for use on the roads – wherever in the world it may be – and defines such details as the type and make of vehicle, where it as built, its specification and more. The VIN is entered into a database by police forces in the event of a car being stolen, hence those that have been stolen and recovered can be easily identified.

A Full Review of AutoCheck

The AutoCheck report generates four specific checking areas:

Title Check – this looks at whether the car has been salvaged or rebuilt, if it has been fire damaged at any time in its history, or if it has suffered any other reported damage.

Odometer Check – essential for knowing whether the car has or has ever had a broken or replaced odometer, whether it has been illegally rolled-back by someone, and if it has suspect miles for its age.

Problem Check – in this area AutoCheck reports on the car’s possible status as a lemon, any frame damage that may have occurred, any water damage and also whether it has appeared at a salvage auction.

Vehicle Use and Event Check – here you can find out about the car’s history in terms of accidents, theft, and whether it has been used as a fleet, police or taxi vehicle.

These comprehensive areas of investigation are all collated to give you the AutoCheck Score, a figure that is akin to your credit score. Taking into account details such as lease history, number of owners, emissions testing, past history and class of vehicle, this score – along with the fully comprehensive reports – is the key to whether you are looking at a good buy or one you should walk away from.

Results of AutoCheck

What Will AutoCheck Cost?

There are two packages in the AutoCheck range: one is the single report which is an excellent choice if you know exactly which car you are intending to buy. This costs a surprisingly affordable $29.99 and is well worth considering. However, if you have not decided on the individual vehicle and want to check a number of cars the Unlimited Reports option – at $44.99 – allows you to check as many vehicles as you wish for a 30-day period.

How Does AutoCheck Compare to Other Similar Services?

We had a look at how AutoCheck compares with the other major industry leader, Carfax, and came up with the following conclusions:

– The AutoCheck Score offers a unique at-a-glance indication of the car’s suitability, a feature not offered by Carfax and others in the market.

– AutoCheck offers an unlimited number of reports over the given period from any devices the user may have to hand, including mobiles and tablets.

– The searches can be carried out via Android and Apple operating systems, a feature not offered by Carfax.

– AutoCheck provides timely auction information from the two major US car auction houses, giving buyers a chance to see what is on offer in advance.

Overall, we found the AutoCheck system to be easy to use, comprehensive and detailed and worth the price – especially for the unlimited package – and would recommend it as a safeguard when buying a used car.

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